Transportation: How You Get Around Town Has Big Impacts on Nashua’s Climate Goals


Nashua has made ambitious commitments to cut our greenhouse gas emissions, and our transportation choices will be crucial to achieving those goals. Mayor Donchess is part of the Climate Mayors Initiative, which is a group of cities committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement commits Nashua to some ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gases. GHG emission are causing climate change, leading to rising temperatures, more severe weather events, and sea level rise. In 2016, Nashua completed a greenhouse gas inventory: since 2000, Nashua has seen a 14% reduction in total GHG emissions, but there is still work to be done and we can’t do it without your help!


We can reduce our impact through lifestyle choices like what we eat, how we dispose of waste, how we power our homes and how we get around. Because the transportation sector accounts for 30% of all the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions, getting from place to place in a more sustainable way is the perfect place to start with your reduction goals. Here are 5 ways you can start reducing emissions and taking climate action today:



1. Opt to walk or bike. Driving alone is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions and chances are there is another way to get to your destination that will leave you feeling happier and healthier. Check out this map of Nashua’s paths and trails to find a walking or biking route that works for you. You won’t just be helping the environment…You will feel the benefits too:










2. Use public transportation. If you can’t walk or bike to your destination, find out if there is a public transit route that will take you to where you need to go. Avoid the hassle of parking and enjoy the hands-free time you’ll have to read, catch up on emails, or look out the window to see what’s happening around town.






3. Electric Vehicles. If you have to drive, consider getting an electric vehicle. It may be more affordable than you think: New Hampshire offers rebates to drivers of electric cars. Learn more. If an electric vehicle isn’t in your price range, consider a hybrid!






4. Carpool. Sometime, none of the above choices are options, but don’t worry! You can still work to reduce your GHG emissions. Connect with co-worker, neighbors, and friends to see if you can ride somewhere together to save energy and gas money.




5. Reduce! Regardless of your mode of travel, avoid being wasteful. Think about how you can combine trips. If you are running errands, park in the middle of your destinations instead of driving from store to store.




Together we can REDUCE our greenhouse gas emissions and meet our sustainability goals to make Nashua, and the planet, a greener, more livable place! Find out more about steps Nashua is taking to reduce our impact and address climate change on our Livable Nashua Dashboard.

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