Resilience: The Name of the Game in Nashua, 2019 and Beyond


Happy 2019 Nashua!

We ended 2018 with a focus on resilience — specifically, what impacts we can expect to see from climate change (think: more heat waves and flooding) and what we can do about it. Our Resilient Nashua Summit was a huge success (if you missed it, you can check out the coverage from New Hampshire Public Radio).  

And our attention to resilience will only grow stronger in 2019 as we continue developing a comprehensive resilience initiative, the main purpose of which is to identify acute shocks and chronic stressors* that are impacting or will impact Nashua and to collaboratively find solutions.  


*We’ll pause here to note that “acute shocks” refers to a sudden, major disruption like a flood or earthquake. “Chronic stressors” are the more day-to-day challenges a city faces such as poverty and lack of access to quality food or healthcare. 


Our efforts start with updating Nashua’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and developing a Resilience Strategy Plan, convening a number of stakeholder and community workshops along the way.  

The focus out of the gate in 2019 will be on local economic impacts of climate change like more extreme heat and flooding events. Did you know that 40% of businesses will not open again after a disaster like a major flood, and another 25% fail within one year?  That’s why we put together the new Resilient Nashua toolkit

Who is this for 

This toolkit is for our community’s small businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, child care centers, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. 

What does it do 

This step by step guide helps you and your business plan for emergency resilience without losing business or productivity.  Your businesses and organizations are vital for Nashua’s economy, and this tool can help you plan ahead.  

 When can we access it? 


Where can we find it? 

Find the toolkit here:  

Why should we use it? 

You should use the toolkit because planning now for resilience will help you and your organization down the road.  Strengthening our businesses and organizations resilience helps strengthen Nashua’s resilience as a whole. Let’s start 2019 strong!

How do we make our businesses more resilient? 

 Start here!  The guide will take your through five steps:  

1) Assess Vulnerability  

2) Develop a Plan  

3) Maintaining Operations and Services  

4) Practice Your Plan  

5) Resiliency Next Steps.

If you have questions on this tool, email  If you have feedback (and we hope you do!), we would love for you to fill out this form. 


Bonus: One more interactive tool for you! Check out this interactive mapping tool to engage and give feedback on Nashua’s resilience around the city.   

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Be a Part of Our Resilient Nashua Initiative!

Nashua will be working with community stakeholders throughout 2018 to develop a comprehensive resilience initiative with the main purpose being to identify acute shocks and chronic stressors impacting our City, now and in the future. We encourage everyone in our community to take part.

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