Buildings built to green standards use less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting and improve indoor air quality and comfort for the people in the building. A Livable Nashua will encourage new developments as well as major upgrade projects to follow green building standards.


Number of Buildings

There are different standards and levels for “green” building. This metric looks at the total for all types of green buildings including EnergyStar and the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Our Data
  • 2 Buildings



  • 11 Buildings



  • 15 Buildings



  • 17 Buildings



Our Data

2 Buildings


11 Buildings


15 Buildings



  • Help us define our goal

    We do not yet have a goal for this area, but you can help shape our sustainable future.

  • Based on the data and comparison information, what do you think our goal for 2025 should be?
  • What are the top three actions you think should be taken by the City or the community at large to meet the goal you are suggesting for 2025?
Charts & Graphs

Green Buildings in Nashua

This chart shows how the total number of green buildings from both the LEED and Energy Star programs has increased over the years.

Comparing Programs

This bar graph is comparing the number of buildings that are LEED vs. Energy Star in Nashua.

LEED Green Buildings

LEED has four different levels of certification for their green building program: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Nashua has more LEED silver buildings than any other category. There is one building that is not yet rated, which means it has been submitted to the program but is either not completed or has not been certified yet.

View Our Sources Here

  • Nashua, NH: Energy Star Building by Type
    Building Type and sum of Number of Records. Color shows details about Building Type. Size shows sum of Number of Records. The marks are labeled by Building Type and sum of Number of Records.

  • There are 212 Buildings in 49 different New Hampshire communities that have been or are in the process of getting LEED certified through the US Green Building Council.

  • Between 2015 and 2018, LEED-certified buildings in the United States are estimated to have saved $1.2 billion in energy costs, $149.5 million in water costs, $715.2 million in maintenance costs, and $54.2 million in waste costs.

  • Number of LEED Buildings by City in 2016

How You Can Help

  • Assess your Energy Usage

    Determine how efficient your home is using the link below.

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  • Find Small Ways to Save Energy at Home

    Be sure to turn lights off and unplug unnecessary items when not in use. When it is time to buy a new appliance be sure to buy an EnergyStar certified appliance. It uses less energy and costs less to run. Get more tips here:

    More Information
  • If you are in the market, consider an EnergyStar Home

    Here is the list of builders in New Hampshire that are committed to building to Energy Star standards.

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