How to Have Fun and Stay Smart this Summer in the Nashua Outdoors


For some, summer weather has us rushing outside to soak up the sun; for others, it means it’s time to stay inside with the A/C. Whether or not you are a fan of the heat, there are so many great reasons to get outside this summer in Nashua–and ways to stay smart and cool in the process. From art and music to sports and fitness, there is something for everyone! Beyond the simple enjoyment of being outside, there is a whole host of reasons to get outside — including decreasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes, reducing anxiety and depression, and boosting your vitamin D intake. 


Of course, summer’s hot and it’s only getting hotter. With climate change causing hotter temperatures, the number of days over 90°F is inspected to increase. While getting outside this summer, keep these simple tips in mind to stay safe and happy:


  • Hydrate: Being out in the sun can leave you dehydrated faster than you might think. Bring water with you, and be sure to have plenty to drink before and after spending time outside.
  • Get out in the morning or evening: If it is a particularly hot day, avoid the peak-heat hours, especially if you will be doing something active. The hottest time of the day is usually around 3 pm.
  • Protect yourself from the sun: Even though sunshine can feel good in the moment, a sunburn won’t! Put on sunscreen, wear a hat, or put on a light layer to protect your skin. Even if it looks cloudy, UV rays might still be strong enough to give you a burn.


Now that you’ve got those tips, what are you going to do? Nashua offers a full schedule of free outdoor programming. Here are the highlights:


Explore the arts: Art is everywhere! With murals, street art, and sculptures, you don’t have to choose between getting outside or exploring the arts. With this interactive map, it is easy to find what you are looking for and discover a new hidden gem. 



Sports: Whether you are looking to relive your high school sports glory days or try something totally new, Nashua has something for everyone. Enjoy the process of building a skill and meeting new people in the process. Take a look at Nashua’s sport offerings.



Parks: You don’t need any special reason to spend time outside. Visiting a park is special enough! With Nashua’s robust offering of parks, you can find exactly what you are looking for with the help of this map of Nashua’s parks. Bonus: July is National Parks and Recreation Month! 



Free Fitness Monday with YMCA: Looking to get in shape without the price tag of an exercise class or a gym membership? Join the YMCA in Greeley Park for a free workout class. They’re out there every Monday through the end of August at 6 pm in front of the Band Shell. Bring a mat and the whole family–all ages are welcome! More information.



Free Summer Concert Series: Going to a great concerts doesn’t have to break the bank. Nashua’s Department of Parks and Recreation hosts free concerts in Greeley Park all summer long. Check the Community Event Calendar to see who’s playing.


Even more options: Still looking for something else? Take a look at the entire Summer Fun schedule to find the perfect event for you.



In case of inclement weather check the Event Cancellation line: (603) 589-3360 or


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