City of Nashua Initiatives

The City of Nashua worked with community stakeholders on Resilient Nashua throughout 2018 and 2019 to develop a comprehensive resilience initiative. In 2020, the City kicked off Imagine Nashua, the latest master planning process.

About Imagine Nashua

What is Imagine Nashua?

Imagine Nashua is the City’s comprehensive planning process—an initiative that combines inclusive community engagement with major plans created in the past 20 years to craft an innovative vision for the future of Nashua. This master plan focuses on equity, resilience, and climate protection as core values guiding growth and development in the city. 

Visit to see the completed plan.


About Resilient Nashua

Resilient Nashua: Goals & Outputs

The Resilient Nashua Initiative was developed by the City and community stakeholders to encourage climate resilience throughout Nashua. The goals of the planning process were to: 1) identify acute shocks and chronic stressors impacting the City, 2) encourage diverse stakeholder dialogue through an inclusive environment, and 3) identify opportunities to improve the City's resilience. 

In addition to the community building that happened during the process, two final products were created: 

Nashua Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2019
Resilience Dialogues Nashua Synthesis Report 2018

About Resilient Nashua

Resilient Nashua Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to increase the resiliency of our community's small businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, childcare centers, non-profits, multi-family housing, and faith-based organizations. This step-by-step, self-guided suite of resources will assist you in your resilience planning and maintenance. 

Use the toolkit to:

  • Assess your vulnerability to hazards
  • Develop an Emergency Action Plan
  • Practice your plan with training resources
  • Get feedback on your plan from the Office of Emergency Management
  • Develop a process for annual team training and year-round preparedness

Resilient Nashua Toolkit

Fact: 40% of businesses will not open again after a disaster. Another 25% fail within one year.*
Greater Nashua  Public Health Region Data Dashboard

Public Health and Community Services

Public Health Dashboard

Public health ranges from access to health care and healthy food to the lifestyles of a community's residents. The Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services (DPHCS) uses the Greater Nashua Public Health Region (GNPHR) Interactive Data Dashboard to present a range of public health indicators. The Dashboard provides a way for individuals and organizations to learn about the health status of their community and provides data from community level to national data. The Dashboard explores several sustainability-related topics: 

  • Air quality and pollution
  • Housing conditions and indoor health and safety
  • Disparities in socioeconomic status and health inequity

Get Involved

Stay in Touch with Resilient Nashua

Resilient Nashua is an ongoing initiative and we are always looking to hear from residents on your concerns or ideas for making a more Resilient Nashua. Here are a few ways to stay connected to the initiative. You may also reach out directly to:

Office of Emergency Management
City of Nashua, NH
229 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060
Phone: 603-589-3275

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